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Sign up to the Australian Lifesaving Academy Queensland

The Australian Lifesaving Academy Queensland is the Registered Training Organisation (RTO) part of SLSQ. This is the organisation that manages your nationaly accredited courses, so you need to register an account with them and submit your USI for record keeping purposes.

1. Go to

2. Choose the New Registrations button.

3. Complete your personal details and hit "Next".

4. Complete your residential address and hit "Next".

5. Fill in your USI and hit "Next".

6. Complete your employment details and hit "Next".

7. Complete the Government Data Collection Requirement details and hit "Next".

8. Complete privacy and reason details and sign form. Then "Confirm Registration".

9. Check the confirmation details are correct and "Print" this screen.

Important: You must bring a copy of this confirmation to the first session of your course to show you've completed this form. If you don't have a printer you can print as a PDF and email to and ask them to pass on to the Trainer.

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