Nipper Volunteer Roles

Coolum Beach Nippers could not operate without active involvement from parents and caregivers.

Nipper Volunteer Positions 2022-23

Committee positions

Junior Activities Chairperson (JAC)

  • Responsibilities - Shall chair all meetings of the Nipper Committee (NC) at which they are present & shall exercise general supervision over the affairs of the NC. The Chairperson shall, when presiding at a meeting, have a deliberative & a casting vote. They shall submit an annual report of the NC to the Club and submit regular reports to club management. The JAC (or a representative) is required to attend & report at monthly Club Management Committee (MC) meetings.
  • Training - On the job training. The JAC is required to be an Active Member of CBSLSC.
  • Commitment - Regular Nipper & Club Management committee meetings. Time throughout the week as required to complete tasks.

Vice JAC

  • Responsibilities - In the absence of the Chairperson, the Vice-Chairperson shall perform all the duties usually undertaken by the Chairperson. 
  • Training - On the job training
  • Commitment - Regular committee meetings. Time throughout the week as required to complete tasks.


  • Responsibilities - The Secretary will attend to all the correspondence, attend all meetings, record the minutes of the meetings, & assist in the preparation of the reports. The Secretary shall issue notices of meetings & any circulars of matters of interest to the NC in conjunction with the Club Secretary.
  • Training - On the job training
  • Commitment - Regular committee meetings. Time throughout the week as required to complete tasks.


  • Responsibilities - Is responsible for the overall supervision of any financial commitments of the NC & shall submit reports to the NC. The Treasurer is required to submit a budget of income & expenditure & shall maintain a ‘credit & debit’ ledger of the NC financial dealings with a view to establishing the standing of the NC. They shall provide & seek co­operation of the Club Treasurer. 
  • Training - On the job training
  • Commitment - Regular committee meetings. Time throughout the week as required to complete tasks.

Carnival Team Manager

  • Responsibilities - Responsible for the control & conduct of the competitors at Branch & State Nipper carnivals throughout the season. The Carnival Manager or the age managers shall record the attendance & results of the competitors at carnivals. They are responsible for preparing the age competitors & teams as selected by the Selection Committee for their respective events.
    They are responsible for lodging all protests at a carnival as per the Association Handbook. The Carnival Manager may be assisted by an assistant Carnival Team Manager and the Nipper age group managers.
    The Carnival Manager is responsible for carnival nominations in conjunction with the Nipper Age Managers & Coaches. Will be required to submit nipper carnival nominations through SLSQ Carnival Manager system.
  • Training - N/A
  • Commitment - attend carnivals, submit nominations through the week

Volunteer Coordinator

  • Responsibilities – Responsible for communicating with and organising Age Managers and other volunteer staff. Age Manager Recruitment and start of season briefings. Management of Age Manager Accreditation with Admin and Training Team through the season.  
  • Training – Age Manager for at least 2 years
  • Commitment - as required

Non-committee positions

Uniform Coordinator

  • Responsibilities - Is responsible for organising uniform orders for the season & liaising with the NC to select suitable items, maintaining stock levels, and selling uniforms each Sunday Nipper session. 
  • Training - N/A
  • Commitment - Pre-season organisation & ordering of uniforms, Nipper Sundays

Education Coordinator

  • Responsibilities - Is responsible for organising specific educational programs and events to further the education of nippers. Is responsible for overseeing the Nipper Age Award requirements for each age group in conjunction with Age Managers. 
  • Training - On the job training
  • Commitment - Nipper Sundays

Water Safety Coordinator

  • Responsibilities - Is responsible for coordinating water safety personnel on Nipper Sundays. Will liaise with the on-duty Patrol Captain & JAC each session to assess conditions and select appropriate positioning of water areas.
  • Training - Must be qualified Bronze Medallion or Surf Rescue Certificate (SRC)
  • Commitment - Nipper Sundays

Age Managers - x 3 in each age group

  • Responsibilities - Age Managers are assigned to a particular age group for the season. They are responsible for the Nippers in their group and coordinating their participation in the range of activities. 
  • Training - Age Managers are required to complete three different awards which take about 2 hours, before the season. Age Managers are supported with a handbook of information & the committee who are available at all times. Age Managers don’t have to hold a Bronze or SRC and can fulfil the Age Manager duties from the beach.
  • Commitment - Nipper Sunday sessions throughout the season. We aim to have 3 AMs in each age group to allow for breaks & holidays.
  • Age Groups - U6, U7, U8, U9, U10, U11, U12, U13

Gear Steward

  • Responsibilities - Is responsible for all the Nipper equipment, making sure such equipment is in good condition and repair and properly housed. Organisation of equipment repairs when required. Co­ordinate beach setup at Nipper Sundays.
  • Training - N/A
  • Commitment - Nipper Sundays

Communications Coordinator

  • Responsibilities - Is responsible for the publicity of the Committee, to publish the results of the Committee activities & carnivals, as well as points of interest from the committee meetings & Nipper events. Manage Junior Lifesavers Coolum Beach Team App account.
  • Training - N/A
  • Commitment - as required - weekly briefing, carnival updates, etc

Photographer - x 2

  • Responsibilities - Must be accredited by SLSQ and will attend Nipper Sunday sessions, events & carnivals to take photos. Ideally, we have 1 photographer who has a competitive nipper in the U8-10 group and 1 in the U11-13 group to cover both age group carnival levels.
  • Training - Photographer accreditation (form)
  • Commitment - Nipper carnivals & events



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