Keeping Coolum Beach safe is what we do. Patrolling is the core of club life and are the reason Surf Life Saving exists.

As an Active Member, you are expected to attend each of your rostered patrols which is typically half a day once a month. Each patrol team has a Patrol Captain (PC) who is responsible for coordinating and leading the patrol members. Your PC is your point of contact for any issues or concerns when you are on patrol.

Patrol Types

  • Rostered – your regular rostered patrol
  • Substitute – you have swapped a patrol with another member
  • Voluntary – you are not rostered or subbing for somebody, you sign on as a voluntary patrol
  • Water Safety – when signing on to perform training, competition or Nippers water safety

The patrol roster is made available to members at the start of the season on the club’s website, noticeboards and on Team App.

If you are unable to attend your allocated patrol, you MUST contact your Patrol Captain and advise them of the situation and arrange a substitute.

Your team patrol roster can be accessed through Members Portal.

Patrol Leadership Team

Position Member
Club Captain Mick Sell
Vice Club Captain Anthony Waring
Patrols Patrol Captains
Patrol 01 Riccardo Cornacchia
Patrol 02 David Edgerton
Patrol 03 Dan Rogers
Patrol 04 Reis Davis
Patrol 05 Peter Gardiner
Patrol 06 Jarrod Sweetman
Patrol 07 Gail King
Patrol 08 Greg Bott
Patrol 09 John Roderick
Patrol 10 Wayne Porter
Patrol 11 Dave Tomba
Patrol 12 Chris Smithies
Patrol 13 David Cush
Patrol 14 Paul Hammond



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