Nippers Registrations

Renewing Nipper Registration Online

For returning Nippers, renewing your membership is easy! It’s all done online through the Member’s Portal. Don’t worry if you’ve forgotten your ID and password – we can help you out with that.

Members Portal

Members Portal is where all member information is kept in accordance with Surfguards privacy policy. An online account makes it easy to renew memberships, participate in training courses and register for carnivals.

Go to Members Portal

Surf Lifesaving has made some changes to Surfguard recently which has simplified the registration renewal process. If you have any questions contact Coolum Admin on 5446 1148.

Check that the total correctly reflects your family’s membership fees.

Nipper Membership Renewal Checklist

IMPORTANT – All of these tasks need to be completed before membership renewal is considered complete & participation in activities such as proficiencies, training, nippers events permitted.

  • All nippers listed and renewed in Members Portal
  • All parents/guardians listed and renewed in Members Portal
  • All fees paid
  • Current Blue Card or renewal application in for each parent/guardian

Nipper Membership Renewal

1 – Log on to Members Portal

Membership renewal is completed online through the Members Portal here –

If you’ve forgotten your log-in or password, follow the prompts to reset.

2 – Create an account if you don’t already have one

Our families that joined last year may need to create an account first here –

3 – Add nippers & parents/guardians

  • Add each nipper
  • Add each parent/guardian (associate members)

Remember all children (nippers) and parents/guardians must renew.

4 – Pay Nipper Fees

  • Go to Members Portal
  • Under the ‘Memberships’ tab navigate to ‘Renewals, Payments & Transfers’
  • Follow the prompts to make the fee payment
  • Payment is required to complete the renewal process and each child’s name must be referenced.

Note - Fees current for the 2023-24 season

Nipper Fees
1st Nipper of a family group
  • $250
2nd Nipper of a family group
  • $150
3rd Nipper of a family group
  • $65
4th Nipper of a family group
  • $65
Associate Nipper Parent Membership
  • $0
Competition Carnival Fee
  • $0
  • Complete credit card details and confirm payment.

5 – Proof of payment

Please print your receipt or take a screenshot of the receipt as proof of payment which may be requested by Club Admin.

If you have any questions email –

Blue Card Renewals

Nipper Memberships can not be finalised until each parent/guardian has:

  • A current Blue Card
  • Proof that the Blue Card renewal application is in process.

If your Blue Card is up for renewal you would have been emailed directly. Reminder that all Associate Members (nipper parents/guardians) are required to have a current Blue Card. Please ensure your renewal is completed so the Bluecard does not expire.

FairPlay Vouchers

Coolum Nippers is a FairPlay voucher activity provider which means eligible families can use the Qld Government issued FairPlay voucher towards their Nipper Fees. For more information including eligibility requirements and how to apply visit -

Nipper Handbook

For all the information you need to know about nippers this season take a look at our 2022-23 NIPPER HANDBOOK.



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