Coolum Beach SLSC Qld State Championships 2024 Wrap Up

Published: March 21, 2024

Congratulations to our 2024 Masters State Titles Team!
Collectively the club came home with 5 Gold medals, 6 Silver medals, 12 Bronze medals plus bronze for 'Smileys' Surf Boat team!
The club came 6th overall out of 36 clubs and scored over 152 points
Special shout out to Kirk M & David S, who came home with 7 medals each.
David S was new to Coolum SLSC at the start of the season. Although a strong swimmer, he trained hard on the boards all season and can now fly out through 3-4ft surf as quick as anyone else at training and put his board skills to use a few weeks ago in a mass patrol rescue, noting the skills he learnt at training were instrumental
Thank you to the Coach, Surf Sports Officer, Officials, team members who helped organise the event and the participants who represented the club
Go Red Caps!

Results as follows:

Individual Results

  • 1st50-54 Female Board Race: Jodie Waring
  • 1st60-64 Female 1km Run: Anne McGill
  • 1st60-64 Male Ironman: Robert Wildman
  • 1st35-39 Male Flags: Kirk Millson
  • 2nd30-34 Male Surf Race: David Stebbing
  • 2nd35-39 Male Beach Sprint: Kirk Millson
  • 2nd35-39 Female 2km Run: Rhi Denver
  • 3rd30-34 Female Flags: Krystal Kovac
  • 3rd30-34 Male Flags: Jake Harris
  • 3rd30-34 Female Beach Sprint: Krystal Kovac
  • 3rd65-69 Male 1km Run: Greg Bott
  • 3rd60-64 Male Surf Race: Robert Wildman
  • 3rd35-39 Male Board Race: Kirk Millson
  • 3rd30-34 Male Board Race: David Stebbing
  • 3rd40-44 Female Surf Race: Linda Barnes
  • 4th50-54 Female Flags: Jodie Waring
  • 4th35-39 Male Flags: Brad McCoy
  • 4th55-59 Male 2km Run: David Corin
  • 4th30-34 Male Board Race: Jake Harris
  • 4th35-39 Female Surf Race: Rhi Denver
  • 4th65-69 Male Surf Race: Greg Bott
  • 5th60-64 Male Beach Sprint: Robert Wildman
  • 5th30-34 Male Beach Sprint: Jake Harris
  • 6th34-39 Male Beach Sprint: Brad McCoy
  • 7th35-39 Male Board Race: Brad McCoy
  • 7th60-64 Male Board Race: Robert Wilman
  • 10th45-49 Male Single Ski: Ross Fountain
  • 10th55-59 Male Surf Race: Riccardo Conacchia
  • 11th65-69 Male Single Ski: Greg Bott
  • 13th65-69 Male Board Race: Greg Bott
  • 14th60-64 Male Single Ski: Robert Wildman
  • 14th50-54 Male Board Race: Delaney Rowe
  • 14th60-64 Female Surf Race: Anne McGill
  • 16th55-59 Male Surf Race: David Corin

Team Results

  • 1st110 Female Taplin: Krystal, Jodie, Linda
  • 1st30-34 Male Board Rescue: Kirk, David
  • 2nd30-34 Male Board Rescue: Jake, Riccardo
  • 2nd110 Male Board Relay: David, Kirk, Riccardo
  • 2nd110 Male Taplin: Ross, David, Kirk
  • 3rd110 Male Surf Team: Kirk, David, Riccardo
  • 3rd 260 Male Surf Boat Team: Chris Carroll, Chris Johnson, Mark Dunning, Steve Matters & Paul Scherf
  • 4th110 Male Board Relay: Delaney, Brad, Jake
  • 6th40-44 Male Board Rescue: Jodie, Linda 

 Go Red Caps! Bring on Aussies


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