Patrol Weekend at Rainbow Beach

Published: January 25, 2024

"The 2024 trip to Rainbow Beach was a wonderful experience. The trip was centered around two patrols - one on Saturday afternoon and one on Sunday morning, with lots of group bonding in between.
We travelled from Coolum on Friday and started the trip with a quick dip to cool off, and to familiarise ourselves with the conditions at Rainbow. We made tacos and played charades on the first night.
With an alarm going off at 4.20am on the Saturday, the group set off for the nearby Carlo Sand Blow with torches in hand. Following a steep hike to the top, we made it just in time for the first light over Double Island with a few clouds making a memorable and picturesque sunrise. To fully appreciate Rainbow Beach, we just had to then boogie board down the dunes at record speeds.
After our exciting morning around Rainbow Beach, we patrolled and we were lucky to have a warm welcome from both the Rainbow Beach SLSC and the perfect weather. The patrol thankfully had no rescues. No the less, we had a large team at the ready - just in case.
To commemorate our first patrol, we bought matching bracelets at the local gift shop, and went back to the dorms adorned with our cowrie shells. We cracked out twister and held a tournament, wherein Kate C was crowned champion, and then it was movie time. 
We saw our second sunrise, then ready for pancakes and the morning patrol to follow. Nippers coincided with our patrol, so we saw a fuller beach and took to the water with tubes and boards for water safety and to escape the summer heat. The six hours flew by and we were packing up and saying goodbye too soon.
We learned so much from the trip; how to adapt to a new beach, getting to know new patrol members, and we all hope to reconnect and relive this experience in future, along with other Youth Development Opportunities Coolum has to offer"

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