Coolum Beach Nippers 2022-2023 Season Presentations

Published: March 09, 2023 Last Updated: March 09, 2023

Following the conclusion of the 2022-2023 Nippers Season, we congratulate all participants and hope to see everyone back on the beach next season

Award winners as follows:

Perpetual Trophies


U8-10 Most Promising

Maya Falkbring

U8-10 Coaches Award

Noah Fischer

U8-10 Encouragement

Indianna Grauf

U11-13 Highest Achiever

Jake Bauer

U11-13 Coaches Award

Maya Damian

U11-13 Encouragement

Jad Werner



U6 Male Most Improved

Theodore Kriel

U6 Female Most Improved

Mackenzie Belford

U6 Male Rising Star

Beau Hinks

U6 Female Rising Star

Sylvie Prentice

U6 Coolum Culture

Sienna Ryan

U7 Male Most Improved

Isaac Facto

U7 Female Most Improved

Antea Harper

U7 Male Rising Star

Lennox Church

U7 Female Rising Star

Perrie Winter

U7 Coolum Culture

Lia Naidu

U8 Male Most Improved

Blake Carney

U8 Female Most Improved

Loanne Kaempf

U8 Female Most Improved

Magda Kaempf

U8 Male Rising Star

Leo Marsden

U8 Female Rising Star

Zoey Belford

U8 Coolum Culture

Matilda Westwood

U9 Male Most Improved

Samuel Naidu

U9 Female Most Improved

Imogen Hadley

U9 Male Rising Star

Tom Hagen

U9 Female Rising Star

Lyla Church

U9 Coolum Culture

Ivanka Harper

U10 Male Most Improved

Canon Clark

U10 Female Most Improved

Eve Beasley

U10 Male Rising Star

Noah Fischer

U10 Female Rising Star

Kiarn Kirkwood

U10 Coolum Culture

Cameron Geppert

Age Champ Trophies


U11 Male Age Champ

Kobe Lucht

U11 Male Runner-up

Fletcher Massieu

U11 Female Age Champ

Jessica Andronico

U11 Female Runner-up

Evie Rose Giles

U11 Encouragement Award

Matt Fountain

U12 Male Age Champ

Jad Werner

U12 Male Runner Up

Mason Tompkins

U12 Female Age Champ

Roxy Brett

U12 Female Runner-up

Harper Francey

U12 Encouragement Award

William Geppert

U13 Male Age Champ

Jake Bauer

U13 Male Runner-up

Lachlan Walker

U13 Female Age Champ

Hazel Rahui

U13 Female Runner-up

Ashlee Cameron

U13 Encouragement Award

Maya Damian


Members can check out the presentations photos on the gallery in the Nippers Team App


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