Surf Life Saver Profile - 41

Published: February 14, 2024 Last Updated: February 14, 2024

Welcome Nic and thanks for sharing with us  


Q – How long have you been in Coolum Surf Life Saving Club and what motivated you to volunteer? 

I have been a patrolling member since 2008 with clubs back in Victoria, and I have been with Coolum Surf Club since 2019. My mother was the first female in Victoria to get her Bronze Medallion, so naturally I grew up in a family heavily involved within Surf Life Saving. I personally fell in love with everything life saving offers, from keeping our beaches safe, to training and racing, and encouraging new members. I have been lucky enough to make some of my best friends whilst being involved with Surf Life Saving.  


Q – Is your experience so far what you thought it would be? 

Coolum Surf Club is a very special club. Its holds small community values, you recognise everyone’s faces around the club and it attracts very likeminded people whilst also achieving big things. It blows my mind how much Coolum Surf Club gives back to their member in all aspects including social events, surf sports training, gym access, pool training, education opportunities and even more. It’s a privilege to be involved with such a special club.   


On a lighter side 

Q – Where did you grow up? (Assuming you’ve grown up) 

I grew up in Bellbrae, a small rural township 10 minutes inland from Torquay in Victoria. It was a good mix, rural living close to the beach.  


Q – What’s the best job you’ve ever had? 

Coaching Surf Sports at Coolum Surf Club is the best by far! I enjoy assisting people in developing their skills to be confident in the water. I hope to get members to a point where they have the skills that enable them to enjoy the ocean as much as I do!  


Q – Any nicknames? 

Nic, Dad, Coach.  


Q – Any Hobbies? 

Spending time with my partner and our two little girls. Downwind ski paddling. Maintaining an 80 acre horse farm. Driving tractors.  


Q – Favourite Music/Musician/Band? 

Dermot Kennedy. 


Q – Can you cook and what’s your favourite dish to prepare? 

I enjoy cooking. I can cook a good curry. My go to meal is rib eye, mashed potato and broccolini lightly seared in butter.   


Q – Final & Life defining Question…. Pineapple on Pizza, Yes or No?? 



Thank you Nic


If you’d like to share your story here with your mates, please contact your member officer - we’d all luv to hear it. Cheers, Noel (Member Officer)

Support Coolum Surf Club

Not ready to become part of Coolum Surf Club but still want to help?

It takes a lot of money to run a surf lifesaving club; from the equipment needed on the beach (vehicles, boards, IRBs, first aid kits, defibrillators etc) to administration and training to facilitate patrolling.

So if you can't join us, support us through one of the following options.

Coolum Beach SLSC Nippers

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Coolum Nippers is the answer! Nippers run from the September school holidays to February/March and is open to kids from 5 to 12 yrs.

Not only will they learn surf safety and what surf lifesaving is all about, but also have the opportunity to compete in carnivals and have mid-week training to improve their skills.

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