Surf Life Saver of the Week - 20

Published: March 08, 2023

Welcome Jake Harris and thanks for sharing with us

So let’s get deep and meaningful straight up 

Q – How long have you been in Coolum Surf Life Saving Club and what motivated you to volunteer your time?

This is my second season at Coolum.

A few years ago I was surfing at First Bay and as I was coming back in I saw a lady floating face down in the water. I was one of the surfers there that dragged her out and performed CPR until the paramedics got there. It was not the outcome we had hoped for and it was a really tough few months. That moment really made me want to do my Bronze and learn a few skills that, if heaven forbid, I found myself in a similar situation, I’d be more equipped and confident. My kids also started nippers a couple of years ago and I wanted to be able to get in the water with them.

Q – Is your experience so far what you thought it would be?

It’s been everything and more. I’ve found a new passion in board riding, after spending a lot of my life surfing, learning a new craft in the ocean has been a humbling experience. I’ve also made some really good friends in that group of board paddlers that love to hoot and holler when a bomb rolls in out the back!

The club offers so much in the way of training and learning new skills, from the ART course to the Pulse course I recently attended, there’s so much opportunity to learn if you want it!


On a lighter side

Q – Where did you grow up? (Assuming you’ve grown up)

I grew up in Newcastle, NSW and funnily enough never got into surf lifesaving as a kid – I wish my parents got me into it, but there was probably too many other weekend sports to add nippers into the mix…

Q – What’s the best job you’ve ever had?

You could hardly call it a job, but I played a few seasons of professional rugby in Europe. I lived by the beach in Portugal and got paid to play a game I’ve loved my whole life!

Q – Any nicknames?

I get Jakey a lot, a few of my best mates call me Snakey.

Q – Any Hobbies?

Surfing, sourdough baking and hanging out with the family

Q – Favourite Music/Musician/Band

Would have to be Gang of Youths or City and Colour

Q – Can you cook and what’s your favourite dish to prepare?

Yep, I love cooking and do most of the cooking at home. No favourite dish as such, but I love to cook Israeli and Middle Eastern style food – think Falafel, chicken/lamb shawarma, herby salads etc.

Q – Final & Life defining Question…. Pineapple on Pizza, Yes or No??

It’s not my go to, but it’s a yes from me – if you enjoy it, that’s the main thing!


Thank you Jake for letting us all get to know you a little better :)


If you’d like to share your story here with your mates, please contact your member officer - we’d all luv to hear it. Cheers

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