SLS Carnivals

If you really want to test your skills across a wide range of disciplines, from board races to surf boat and IRB racing, then carnivals are for you. These are inter-club carnivals and have 3 different levels:

  • Sunshine Coast Branch
  • Queensland
  • National (Aussies)

Carnival Nominations

The following criteria must be met to be eligible for nominations:

  • Must be an active and proficient member of the club
  • Completion of the following minimum patrol hours in the Calendar Year preceding
    • Active Members (including SRCs) - 25 hours
    • Reserve Active – 12 hours
    • Long Service & Life Members - 8 hours
    • For new members, the number of patrol hours required is on a pro-rata basis of 4 hours per month up to the 31st December.

Nominations for surf-sports carnivals are organised by the area captains for each discipline in conjunction with the team managers. Carnival nomination costs are covered by the club.

Conduct at Carnivals

When you are touring or competing at carnivals you are representing your club, and must behave accordingly. The Team Manager will sign a declaration form for each carnival, guaranteeing that the conduct of members will not breach the SLSQ or SLSA Code of Conduct Policy. If a breach does occur, not only does the Team Manager face disciplinary action but also the competitor and club may be penalised.

The following basic rules MUST be observed and any breach of the clubs “Code of Conduct” will be dealt with by the Management Committee:

  • At all carnivals and whilst on tour, the competitor must conduct themselves in a professional manner
  • Competitors who are representing Coolum Beach SLSC must wear sanctioned club swim wear whilst participating at the event
  • The competitor is required to compete to the best of their ability
  • Underage drinking will NOT be tolerated and members breaching this policy will be sent home at the parents cost and may face the Judiciary Committee
  • Any legal age member or parent supplying alcohol to underage members will face disciplinary action
  • Under 18 members will be required to abide by any curfews set by the Team Manager
  • Underage male and female members are not permitted in each-others’ rooms. Please remember the Team Manager has the overall responsibility



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