Membership Renewal

Coolum Beach SLSC members must complete online registration and payment. The advantages of this for you are:

  • You can do it from home
  • You know the details we have are correct
  • You can view your awards, patrols, make and accept substitutions etc

Family Members

If you are renewing family members, you can either: create a separate membership account for each member OR use the ‘My Family’ section in the ‘Lifesaving Online’ tab (preferred and easier option).

If creating separate accounts, you must LOG OUT before creating an account for the next member in the family. You must use a different login name for each person (smith_billy, smith_sarah, smith_fred etc) but you are welcome to use the same password, especially for SLSC accounts so you don’t have to remember too many passwords.

Membership Renewal Steps

  1. Head to the members portal and login-
  2. Under Memberships tab select Renewals, Payments & Transfers
  3. Click ‘renew’
  4. Please check your details carefully and make any changes
  5. Read and tick the declaration agreement boxes at the bottom of the page and submit
  6. Make payment relevant to your membership (Free membership for those who completed 25+ hours in 2021-2022). See fees tables below.
  7. When applying for or renewing your membership, please ensure you pay for the correct membership category and reference your name.
  8. Then click Submit
  9. Fill in your credit card details. Confirm everything and then press Submit
  10. You can print your receipt as proof of payment.
Membership Fees 2022-2023
Probationary New Membership $150
Probationary New Membership U14 - U18 $75
Active Senior Renewal Membership $30
Active Cadet and Active Junior Renewal Membership $15
Award Renewal Membership $30
Reserve Active Renewal Membership $30
Long Service Renewal Membership $30
Past Active Renewal Membership $0
Life Member Renewal Membership $0
Special Associate Membership $250
Transfer with current patrolling award $30
Dual Membership with current patrolling award $30
Other Fees
Locker Deposit $25
Facilities Key Deposit $25

Nipper Fees
1st Nipper of a family group  $200
2nd Nipper of a family group $120
3rd Nipper of a family group  $50
4th Nipper of a family group  $50
Associate Nipper Parent Membership  $0
Competition Carnival Fee  $0



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